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perfect materials

These are really perfect materials to practice. It really helped me a lot in my preparation.

Keith,   28 November 2016

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I had a good learning about Ielts exam in this website and hope to get good results.fingers crossed.Thanks verymuch

Margie,   03 May 2016

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timely help

This online training helped me on time to score the band I required for my registration which is 7 in all the four modules. Thanks guys. Keep up your good service.

Hira,   19 April 2016

Rating :

Thank you soooo much

Thanks a lot to you all the team who helped me to achieve my desired score to get my physician registration in the UK.

Ching,   01 April 2016

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good online service

This online ielts training and online practice tests and also the guidance through the video classes are very very good and appreciated. I am really thankful to you all. Thanks

Lucia,   21 December 2015

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A word of thanks

Thankyou so much for your practice sets which helped me to secure my desired band which is 7 in all the four components. Thanks so much again and again.

Pinky Roy,   19 September 2015

Rating :

good materials

The practice tests which I have downloaded and practiced are really helpful. Thanks very much.

Prabha,   03 September 2015

Rating :

Thanks a lot

I thank this online training for the great help they endured me to get 7 and above in all the four components of my ielts.

Sofia,   29 August 2015

Rating :


I say these videos are full of tips and explanation. Nice to get this online training for my IELTS exam.

Jenna,   29 August 2015

Rating :

Great Service

Thanks for providing me the ONLINE practice tests and video classes which made my success. Thanks somuch.

Verano,   29 July 2015

Rating :


Practice online materials and online training through video classes are appreciated. They are good and helped me a lot in my preparation.

Radha,   30 June 2015

Rating :


It is a good online training website for Ielts practice. Thanks for your help.

Banumathy,   28 May 2015

Rating :

Information regarding my Ielts results

Hi Admin, Thanks to your website materials, I managed to clear IELTS with the following score: Listening:7.5 Reading:8.5 Writing:8.0 Speaking:7.0 and Overall: 8.0 Regards, Nabarun

Nabarun,   27 March 2015

Rating :


Thanks for the materials and guidnace provided for me which helped me a lot during my preparation. And I received my results today. Listening 7.5 Reading 7.0 Writing 7.5 Speaking 7.0. Thanks sooooo much.

Sharma,   27 March 2015

Rating :

A word of thanks

Great materials for practice. I did get the score I wanted practicing with these materials. Thanks.

Pony,   02 March 2015

Rating :


A million times thanks to tutor who helped me improve my speaking skills. The tips and the suggestions really worked wonder for me. Thanks a lot.

Agusalim, Indonesia,   04 February 2015

Rating :

I am Happy

Good to get these material for my Ielts practice. Timely help. Thanks very much.

Johnson,   31 December 2014

Rating :

Thanks for your material

Thank verymuch for the material you provided. It helped me a lot and got the band what I desired(7 in all). Thanks.

Amala,   03 December 2014

Rating :

feeling happy

I am so happy to tell you that I scored 7.5 in Listening & Speaking, 7.0 in Reading, writing. Thanks so much for your online training and the support you give.

Daisy,   14 November 2014

Rating :


I am very much helped by the materials I bought for my ielts preparation. Good materials. I am yet to receive my result. Hoping for the best. Thanks.

Khalid Mohamed ,   11 November 2014

Rating :


This webiste:, can simply help you get through your IELTS Exam. The online material and the guidance through the video classes are appreciated. I am really glad to have approached them for my online training. Thankyou

Shirley,   06 November 2014

Rating :


I felt that I could find the correct website for my ielts online preparation which has lot many online practice tests and support from tutors.

Dinaker,   04 November 2014

Rating :

I\'m pleased to recommend this online training and material

I purchased this website material and also I took this online training for about 15 days only. I scored my desired band (over all 6.5) and applied for my admission. Thanks for the support being given for me during my preparation.

Karuna,   23 September 2014

Rating :

I am lucky

I am lucky to find this website for my online practice which helped me in achieving my desired band score of overall 6.5.

Kannan, India.,   08 September 2014

Rating :

Thankyou somuch

I thank to this website material and to the support service. I scored 7.0 in three modules and 7.5 in Listening. This success means a lot to me. Thanks a lot to this online service.

Jose Mathew,   30 August 2014

Rating :

I feel proud to write this review

I feel proud to write this review to thank this website which has enhanced my skills during my practice and made my day. Thanks all of you of this work.

George K John,   29 August 2014

Rating :

I am very happy for my scores

I am really glad to know this website through my friend. It helped me a lot in my preparation to score what I desired and it was my mandatory requirement getting 7 in all. Thanks to these guys.

Clement,   29 August 2014

Rating :

I strongly recommend this online training for needy professionals.

I got band 8.5 with help from IELTS4U. I would recommend others too to take up the online training from them as they have many practice papers to improve all four essential skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening).

Raunak Mehta, India,   13 August 2014

Rating :

I am really happy & thanks to you.

Hi, i have got my results. I have got through the test this time. i have got band 7.5. Thanks for your help.

AbuShaikh, Yemen. ,   13 August 2014

Rating :

Ielts4u online training material helped me lot in improving my skills

Practice material for listening, reading and writing helped me lot in improving my skills. Online speaking tests conducted by the tutor were great. I learned a lot and improved my speaking skills. I thank with all my heart for helping me get band score 8 in my IELTS.

Venkata Shastry, India.,   12 August 2014

Rating :

This website study material really provided me the help

I have no words to express how happy i was when i got my IELTS results. The band score 8 is all because of your help. Your study material really provided me the help i needed to get through this exam. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart.

Naresh, India.,   12 August 2014

Rating :

Amazing Ielts online training

With help from IELTS4U, i have got band 8. The material i downloaded for practice was simply awesome. Email help from the tutor was amazing too.

Jane, Singapore,   31 July 2014

Rating :

My deep thanks to

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the team at IELTS4U who helped a non-english speaking student like me to improve my skills in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening through the practice material. The tips and the suggestions really worked for me. I have now finally got through this test. Thanks a lot.

Achari Chadda, Malaysia.,   31 July 2014

Rating :

I improved a lot through this online training.

I took IELTS twice but could not get through it. Someone suggested me to get training for it through I was apprehensive a bit in the beginning but opted for the basic subscription they offer. During my month’s online training, i learned a lot of things. The practice papers really helped me a lot in improving my skills. Now, with help from, i have managed to get 7.5. Really, thanks a lot.

Divya Singh, India,   31 July 2014

Rating :

excellent materials

I bought 10 sets of IELTS4u material and did online training with video classes and online practice tests. They seem worth doing. I scored overall 7, Listening and Reading 7, writing 6.5 and speaking 7.5 I am thankful to this wonderful website.

Joanne,   26 May 2014

Rating :

online practice

Online video classes and practice tests which are available in this website made me to prepare well for my exams. I am waiting for my result. Will update you once I receive my score.

Siya Paul,   20 May 2014

Rating :

Good online resource

It is really an excellent online resource for Ielts practice. Keep up your good service for students like me to pass the exam. Thanks a lot.

Divya Sree,   20 May 2014

Rating :

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