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ielts reading test

IELTS Online Training for Reading Improvement

Thinking of getting a good score in your reading test in IELTS?

If yes then you will have to prepare for that. Yes, you will have to first focus on a few of the important things before you take this exam.

First, focus on your reading skills

Yes, the first very important thing is bringing improvement in your reading skills. If you are not much familiar with the language, if you are the one who has completed his / her matriculation or degree from a vernacular or your local-language medium then it is necessary that you first focus on improvement of your reading skills. This can be done easily. There can be no problem for you. You just need to be a bit attentive and move on confidently in order to acquire the skills of reading English text in you.

Improving reading skills – how?

There can be many ways to do. Here, we have listed down a few ways which can make you proficient in reading.

Read when you get time

Yes, the first very important thing is you will have to make a habit of reading. Read whenever you get time to read anything. Practice can make anyone perfect. So, if you make a habit of reading or practice reading on and off then you can have the chance to bring some improvement in your reading skills. You can read anything you like. You can read books, novels, newspaper, magazine, blogs, website articles etc.

Comprehending – improving the level of comprehension

When you read something and you do not understand then do not just feel diffident. Sometimes, we come across certain words which are new to us and sometimes we see the words the meaning of which we do not know. So, whenever you come upon newer words then you will have to make use of a good English language dictionary. Yes, make use of a good dictionary which can teach you the meaning of the words in simpler explanation. However, we first suggest that you try to guess the meaning of the words that which you are oblivious of through the context. Try to understand the meaning of that words though the situation but if you are not then you can resort to making use of your dictionary. If your reading skills are very low then start with short simple books. Read in chunks. Do not try to read whole of the book in just a day.

Begin with what interest you

To improve your reading skills, you need to begin with what actually interests you. You can start reading those books which attract you (Try to develop the habit of reading newspapers, magazine or journals as well as you may get passages from those sources in your real IELTS reading exam). Remember, to get a good score in IELTS reading, you will have to be able to complete your task of reading and comprehension of the passages within 15 minutes. Yes, if you can do so then you will find time to answer the questions correctly and gain a good band score.

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