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ielts listening test

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You need to be a good listener if you are going to take IELTS. Yes, out of all the four tests, many of the applicants feel that listening test is the most difficult one. They really feel that they can get through other tests easily but getting through this or gaining a good score in listening test is a bit difficult. If you, too, are of the same view-point then we would like to say this to you not to think like it. Yes, you can easily get through and gain a good score provided you practice a bit and improve you listening skills.

Here we are going to talk about bringing improvement in listening skills. For the purpose of improvement in listening skills, you will have to follow a few of the basic things.

First, whenever you listen to something, listen with 100% attentiveness. Yes, when you listen to anyone then you will have to keep 100 % focus on what the speaker is saying. If your mind is somewhere else or if you start thinking of something else during the time your speaker is speaking then certainly you will not be able to get his / her words.

Try to listen always between the lines

Yes, when you listen, then just do not listen. Here, it is important that we shall present to you the differences between hearing and listening. When you hear, you just let the words pass through your ears but when you listen to something, you hear and understand what has been said. So, what we want to say is this that you will not have to just hear what the other speaker is saying, you will have to actually focus more on what he / she is trying to present to you. You will have to listen attentively and correctly so that you can get their meaning easily.

Learn to avoid distractions

Yes, it is very much necessary that you shall first learn about how to keep yourself to what you are expected to during your IELTS listening test. Don’t let anything distract you when you are listening to the audio. You shall not get distracted by outside influences. You shall also keep this in your mind that listening is an active progress and requires a lot of self discipline. Yes, you will have to be attentive and self-disciplined in order to listen to what the speaker is saying.

Practice a bit, listening to previous IELTS audios

Yes, you need to practice a bit, by using previous IELTS audios. Take sample listening tests and try to figure out whether you will be able to get a good score or not. You need to judge yourself how much more you will have to work on your skills in order to bring some improvement in our listening skills so that you can get a good score in your real IELTS.

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