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Online IELTS Training for Writing Improvement

Improving writing skills are necessary. Writing skills are really very important if you are aiming at getting passed with a band score in your IELTS. It should be mentioned here that you will have to have good skills in writing and you need to express yourself well in English. Most of the people believe that writing is an art and not all people can be perfect at it but it is not true. It is really an art but this art can be learnt. Yes, acquisition of proper skills related to writing can be learnt easily.

Some basic things about writing skills

There are certain very important things that which you will have to focus on whenever you attempt to write anything. You need to be careful in what you are presenting in your words. Remember, while writing you shall avoid the use of more number of words. Yes, try to present your views in as much lesser number of words as possible. When you try to make use of more number of words in order to explain something then there can really be chances that you go wrong. Hence, it is needed that you present yourself in lesser number of words. Avoid using more number of punctuation marks but punctuate your sentences perfectly well. Avoid making use of conjunctions. Yes, you need to avoid making use of conjunctions because the length of your sentences will increase and this may lead to the possibly of your sentence going wrong.

Try to write in simpler words. Do not think that if you use high-sounding words then this will impress your readers and your readers will love to read on what you have written. No. it can’t be so. This is actually a misconception. Most of the writers, even professional writers, believe that if high-sounding or the most uncommon words are used then this may attract the readers and they show some interest in reading but generally it is not so. Readers look for simplicity. If they find anything in their own spoken or informal language then they show more interest and read on. Hence, it is necessary that you present yourself in simpler words, words that which are common and not in words which are uncommon or difficult for the readers to understand.

Try to keep the sentences simpler

If you keep your sentences simple then their meaning will not get hampered. Yes, their meaning will be very much clear for the readers. You shall write in simple words but there shall be no comprise with quality or the effectiveness of it. Yes, you need to choose your words carefully.

Reading to improve writing skills

Read a lot whenever you get time because this will help you in improving your thoughts or your writing skills. When you read others’ thoughts or others’ ideas then you get a chance to frame your ideas in a better way. You can learn how their style of writing is. Getting that, you can then either copy their style or can move on writing in an entirely different style of your own.

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